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When Angels are not available.
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FD- 4 Years by Catmaniac8x FD- 4 Years :iconcatmaniac8x:Catmaniac8x 4 1 GG is 6 years old! by Catmaniac8x GG is 6 years old! :iconcatmaniac8x:Catmaniac8x 8 1 Burnout notification by Catmaniac8x Burnout notification :iconcatmaniac8x:Catmaniac8x 5 8 HWOCT- Expressions for Miles by Catmaniac8x HWOCT- Expressions for Miles :iconcatmaniac8x:Catmaniac8x 17 3 HWOCT-Audition (THE FLASH COMIC) by Catmaniac8x HWOCT-Audition (THE FLASH COMIC) :iconcatmaniac8x:Catmaniac8x 14 2 Guardian Ghost UPDATE! by Catmaniac8x Guardian Ghost UPDATE! :iconcatmaniac8x:Catmaniac8x 7 3 Fighting Dreamers UPDATE! by Catmaniac8x Fighting Dreamers UPDATE! :iconcatmaniac8x:Catmaniac8x 6 0 FD CH3 Page 27 by Catmaniac8x FD CH3 Page 27 :iconcatmaniac8x:Catmaniac8x 9 2 CH8 Page 81 (CH8 END) by Catmaniac8x CH8 Page 81 (CH8 END) :iconcatmaniac8x:Catmaniac8x 10 3 HWOCT- Round 0 COVER by Catmaniac8x HWOCT- Round 0 COVER :iconcatmaniac8x:Catmaniac8x 11 0 CH8 Page 80 by Catmaniac8x CH8 Page 80 :iconcatmaniac8x:Catmaniac8x 13 2 FD CH3 Page 26 by Catmaniac8x FD CH3 Page 26 :iconcatmaniac8x:Catmaniac8x 8 1 CH8 Page 79 by Catmaniac8x CH8 Page 79 :iconcatmaniac8x:Catmaniac8x 12 2 FD CH3 Page 25 by Catmaniac8x FD CH3 Page 25 :iconcatmaniac8x:Catmaniac8x 10 1 CH8 Page 78 by Catmaniac8x CH8 Page 78 :iconcatmaniac8x:Catmaniac8x 14 0 FD CH3 Page 24 by Catmaniac8x FD CH3 Page 24 :iconcatmaniac8x:Catmaniac8x 10 0

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Chibi Cat Portirats
Want your cat immortalized in a cute stylized form? Then you’re in luck!

Yessir, for only $10 (or 1000 points) you’ll get a flat full color version of your beloved feline, I just need some things first

  • A picture of your cat (preferably something that I can get a decent idea of how they look)
  • Your cat’s name and personality, and possibly breed (if they’re a purebreed or definitely had parents that were a specific breed, it’ll help with their appearance)
  • Are they alive or not? (Deceased cats will get little halos and a bit of a glow but look the same otherwise, like Sandy does on the right)
  • Any other important details that I might miss in the picture? (like scars or a specific collar something like that)

And this cat can either be yours, or a relative/friend’s cat, and once you get your commission you can do whatever you want with it except claiming it as your own or selling it after buying it from me, that’s just not nice.

Extra Chibi cat (1000 point option)
This is to add an extra cat to the 1000/$10 Chibi Cat Portrait option
Chibi Cats (with BG and shading)
Same as the previous cat one, just with more details and a little more refined
Fighting Dreamers-styled cat (comic coloring style)
Same idea as the Chibi Cats, only now your cat (or cat OC) can be worked into the Fighting Dreamers universe! And this version features the more simplistic coloring style used in-comic

On top of the personality and appearance stuff, you'll also need
-- Some unnatural fur color for their Dreamer forms (anything except the specific shade of purple used for GhostKitten)
-- A color scheme for their goggles/accessories
-- Some sort of power combination ( that we can brainstorm if you're stuck, this may help with ideas… )
-- And finally the weapon type and Team Position (again, if you're stuck I'm happy to help with figuring things out :D)
Extra Chibi/FD cat (the 1500 point option)
Add an extra cat to the 1500/$15 Chibi Cat/FD comic-styled cat commission


FD- 4 Years
Forgot to post this on the day but YEAH FIGHTING DREAMERS IS 4 YEARS OLD
Fighting Dreamers UPDATE!

Wooohhohhohooo WIPEOUT!

Check out the new page on Tapastic or Smackjeeves

CH4 from the beginning on Smackjeeves fightingdreamers.smackjeeves.c… and Tapastic )
Guardian Ghost UPDATE!

GUESS WHAT I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO DO LAST WEEK (...I forgot to mention that I updated that’s what I did)
Check out the page on Tapastic and Smackjeeves

GG is 6 years old!
A special Launch Anniversary update cause Guardian Ghost is now SIX YEARS OLD!
Burnout notification
I seem to have worked myself into a bit of a burnout, a combination of overestimating how much I could handle during a buffer (and all of it slamming into my face when it ran out) and also CT Gamer Con is coming up next month (March 24-25th) and I'm selling at that so I'm just getting bits of hyperfocus on actually getting projects done
Basically I'll try my best to update but if updates get skipped that's why, sorry guys ^-^;

I'm working on the next few pages of Fighting Dreamers CH4 today, I'm really aiming to get the page for this week done but I have no work tomorrow so I'll probably power through more of them. At the very least I'll stream some 3D modeling after the target page is done
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Catmaniac8x's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I am a crazy cat cartoonist that occasionally animates! I also have a couple webcomics going and some awesome places to buy things :D

Tapastic (Guardian Ghost/Fighting Dreamers are here, and it might be just there later)
Smackjeeves (GG/FD are mirrored from here)…
Tumblr Art Blog
Society 6
Youtube (main)…
YT (vlog stuff, MannyKatRambles)…

My plz accounts: :iconclarenceclarapokeplz: :iconclarayayplz: :iconclarenceyayplz: :iconcatwtfplz: :icontgbsadtwitchplz:



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Catmaniac8x Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016  Student Digital Artist

That is so awesome to hear!! Like seriously that is so friggin cool I just don't know how to articulate things correctly sometimes GOOD LUCK IN YOUR ART STUFF DUDE!! :D
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I animated it, but it's based on that "Rolling Girl" animation where the character is just rolling down the hill, and at one point twists around in the air, it was my favorite part so I shrunk it down to fit the icon :D
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