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New Guardian Ghost shirt design by Catmaniac8x New Guardian Ghost shirt design by Catmaniac8x
So...instead of doing the update for Thursday I made this shirt design instead... I wasn't prepared enough to make a page and I'm going to spend the weekend planning it out so I can feel more confident with the pacing. We'll be back on track Tuesday

Also, I'm thinking of making a line of designs with quotes from the actual comic, and since Chapter 4 had some pretty decent lines I started with that one. If you guys have any favorite lines of dialogue in GG, let me know, I want to put your favorites on a shirt :D

You can buy it here, check it out ====>…

(and I got a lot more designs than that if this one doesn't interest you, I'd appreciate it if you guys checked out my account :D)
ArceeAndJack Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014  Student General Artist
My fave quotes r
*Car Honks* OH GOD!!! Chap one page two
...what... the HELL IS THAT?! Chap one pg 7
Who says we are throwing them? *evil grin* chap 1 pg 13
Wow I just noticed they r all from chap 1... Well they r all great!

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